Making Little Linguists


6 Weeks to your First Fluent French Activity with you Child


The only STEP by STEP course for non-fluent French speakers that gets your bilingual journey with your child off to a fun, flying start! 



Want to help your kids learn French? Think that your own French isn't good enough?

I've got exactly what you need!  

6 Weeks to your First Fluent French Activity with your Child is a course designed for people who are not fluent or native speakers but who want to help their kids learn french in a way that is simple, effective and fun. It's a STEP BY STEP course that takes you from watching a specially written story together to cooking together where you speak only in French. 


What do I learn in the Course?  

You learn another language by becoming fluent one activity at a time. This course guides you through the process of acquiring the language and speaking skills so that you and your child can do a 10 minute cooking activity together in French. 

BUT that's not the end of the story. 

By the end of the course you will have built up a whole range of flexible grammar and vocabulary so that you can speak to your child in lots of different contexts.  

The activity we focus on in this course is cooking because...

- it links beautifully with the language you will get in my specially written story

- there are so many useful phrases and sentences we say when we're cooking with our kids that you can use in many other contexts.

- It's a great way to connect with French culture! 

What's in the Course? 

  • We start with a story. 

A version of a familiar traditional tale, especially written to contain LOADS of really useful grammar and vocabulary. 

A video of the story being told in French so you can watch together. 

Transcripts of the story in French and English. 

lots of lovely, creative ideas so that you can have fun re-telling the story lots of times together to really help your child absorb the language. 

Ideas to get the language off the page and into your everyday conversations. 

  • Over the 6 weeks, you will do a cooking activity at least 3 times with your child. (don't worry - no cooking skills required! The only thing that matters is that you think you and your child can have fun in the kitchen) 
  • Each time you cook together you will use more and more French until you can do the whole activity in French. Simple! 
  • I will guide you each step of the way to help you find the words, phrases and sentences you need to start speaking to your child in French. 
  • You get recipes (in English and French) and access to my own lists of vocabulary and sentences that I use when I cook with my children. 
  • You get the methods I use to find, learn and use the phrases I need in French. 
  • You get the strategies I use to help my children understand me when I speak to them in French. 

By the end of the course, you will both have learnt a huge amount of flexible French and had a huge amount of fun. 





Who is the Course for? 

  • Anyone who wants to start helping their children learn French who is not a native or fluent French speaker.
  • Parents of children who have expressed an interest in learning French. 

  • Anyone who wants to learn French at the same time as their child.

  • Language learners who want to share their passion with their child.


  • The course is designed to be used with children from 3-11 years old.  


  • You don't need to be a fluent speaker to help your child learn French. 
  • You DO need to be prepared to put the effort in to: 
    • read the story at least 4 times with your child
    • speak a bit of French to your child everyday. 
    • complete 3 separate cooking sessions with your child. 
    • record and review the audio from your cooking sessions. 
    • spend time studying yourself to learn and use new vocabulary and phrases. I recommend being prepared to put aside half an hour 4 days a week for your own study. This is a rough guide and will vary depending on your current level in French. 


Children learn a language best when you SPEAK it to them when you're reading, playing and having fun together. 


What do you get out of it? 

The course is designed in a way to enable you to have a whole array of relevant, useful and meaningful phrases that you can use and adapt so that they roll off your tongue without having to think about it.  


 - Do you want to help your kids learn French but just don't know how to begin? 

- Do you think that you don't know enough vocabulary / grammar to teach your child? 

- Do you lack confidence in speaking French? 

- Are you struggling to make learning French fun and purposeful for your child? 

- Do you find it difficult to put together a coherent sentence in French? Or find that it takes you so long to get a sentence out in French that your child has moved on to something completely unrelated? 

- Are you so frightened of making mistakes that you never get started? 


We're going to tackle all of these problems in the course! You will have scripted material so you know exactly what to say and how to say it. You will have lots of opportunities to practice and repeat phrases when you are playing, reading and cooking with your children so they will quickly feel natural and fluent. 


What do your kids get out of it? 

Apart from a fantastic parent who is bestowing on them the many, many benefits of learning a language and the joy of language learning in a comfortable, fun and relaxed way? 

  • All the words they hear are going to be useful, relevant and meaningful to what they are doing - No random vocab lists 

  • Vocabulary will be introduced by you in a way that they understand and then repeated many times through story-telling and play - No flashcards to memorise 
  • They will hear grammar in real contexts - No pointless exercises 
  • Everything they learn will be through you talking to them during reading, play and cooking i.e. REAL LIFE - No school like activities, No pressurised situations

The aim is for everybody to have a fun, relaxed family life; it's just that some of it is going to be in French from now on! 

First French Activity pin.jpg

Are you ready to inspire your kids? 


Your Instructor: 

Francesca Pursell is a graduate from the University of Leeds where she gained a Master's Degree in Cultural Studies. From there, she began a teaching career, specialising in Early Years and Primary Teaching. She developed a passion for teaching English to native and non-native children but it wasn't until after the birth of her own children that she discovered her passion for learning languages and sharing these experiences with her children. Inspired by the language learning blogs she had followed to kickstart her own language journey, she began to create the resources for parents who wanted to help their children learn french but who were not fluent speakers themselves. Her language adventures began with French and she has recently begun to learn Welsh. She is continually finding new ways of incorporating French into family life.