Welcome! Croeso! Bienvenue! 

What is Making Little Linguists all about? 


My name is Francesca Pursell and I'm a language learner, mother and former teacher and I write about my experiences of learning languages with my children. 

First I need to be straight with you so I have a confession to make... 

I'm a serial hobbyist. I never expected learning French to last beyond the first month. It wasn't the result of a lifelong passion or years of study. I never had a plan to teach my children another language. 

I needed a project I could do entirely from a smartphone underneath a sleeping baby.

I know, it's not the most glamorous start to a story.

But read on! (please)....

Starting to learn French sparked a passion for language learning that I didn't know existed. I didn't just carry on, but I got more and more involved in my French study and with the language learning community. Since then I have made a commitment to speak to my children in French as much as possible, created this blog and started learning Welsh. 

I'm a busy parent. My studying doesn't involve sitting at a desk in a quiet room for an uninterrupted hour. Teaching my children doesn't involve them sitting at a desk doing flashcards / language activities. Our learning fits into our life. 

Want to see how we do it? 

I want to show you that you don't need to be a fluent speaker to help your children learn another language by sharing my own experiences of speaking French to my kids as a non-native speaker.

Because the most important factor in your children's interest in and ability to learn a language is you! 

So.... let's talk about you for a minute! 

If you're interested in sharing a really rewarding learning experience with your kids, if you're currently learning a language and are wondering how to introduce it to your children, or if you've always had a vague interest in learning a language and would like your children to learn one too then I think you're going to like this blog. 

I'm not afraid to write about my mistakes (and I make lots of them!) because that's what learning is all about.

So jump in!

Oh, and one more thing... 

I love hearing from you and I read every single email so don't hesitate to ask a question or tell me what you think. Honestly, it would make my day! You can contact me at: 

francesca@makinglittlelinguists.com or on twitter at @MLlinguists